Villages of the Valdeón


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Villages of the Valdeón Valley

Eight are the charming mountain villages that you will find along the territory of the Valdeón Valley. They are those of Posada de Valdeón, Soto de Valdeón, Cain, Santa marina de Valdeón, Cordiñanes de Valdeón, Prada de Valdeón, Los Llanos de Valdeón and Caldevilla de Valdeón. Eight towns in the very heart of the Picos de Europa National Park that combine the charm of a territory linked to the high mountains with the traditional hospitality that characterizes its inhabitants.


Posada de Valdeón

Posada de Valdeón besides being the capital of the municipality is also the tourist center of the Valley.

It is the site of the main municipal services and of the Information Office of the Picos de Europa National Park.

Soto de Valdeón

Soto de Valdeón stands out for its valuable ethnographic heritage.

In this locality there is a collection of 17 hórreos among those that include the oldest of the Valley of Valdeón, 2 catalogued as archaic with more than 500 years of antiquity.


Cain is one of the reference towns of the Valdeón Valley and the Picos de Europa National Park.

Located at an altitude of only 480 metres, the village of Cain is the starting point for numerous hiking routes, including the famous Cares Route.

Santa Marina de Valdeón

Santa Marina de Valdeón, with its 1,156 meters of altidude, has the privilege not only of being the highest village in the Valdeón Valley but also of all those within the limits of the Picos de Europa National Park.

Cordiñanes de Valdeón

Cordiñanes is located between the towns of Posada de Valdeón and Cain.

From this town you can visit the Mirador del Tombo, the Via Ferrata de Valdeón or the recently declared World Heritage Forest of Asotín.

Prada de Valdeón

Prada de Valdeón is a living example of the ethnography of the Valdeón Valley.

Touring the village allows you to enjoy its collection of 16 hórreos and 1 mill that worked with the water of the river Arenal, the most important tributary of the river Cares.

Los Llanos de Valdeón

The town has an important historical-ecclesiastical past as it was home to the Monastery of San Sebastián.

This monastery is documented in the year 1093, but unfortunately none of this monumental wealth is conserved.

Caldevilla de Valdeón

Caldevilla de Valdeón is another village in the municipality that preserves all the traditional rural charm.

Representative of this is the Casa del Pueblo, a place where the neighbors were called to different acts of relevance by ringing bells.